Monday, 19 September 2011

Getting started.....

As well as the excitement over Freshers Week and registration, there still other events going on. Last Friday I was at the HEFCE Cloud Advisory Group for an update on the various strands of the UMF Cloud projects. Going well, and there'll be another press release soon. Particularly important given the UUK report last week, with its emphasis on shared services.

Tomorrow I'm off to London again, this time for the formal launch of the Universities UK report on Efficiency and Modernisation, so hopefully you'll be able to read about it here.

Today was our first real day of Freshers Week. A real buzz on campus, and it's great to see the students back. Loads of flyers being given out for local clubs, bars, shops - lots of things might have gone digital, but this sort of advertising hasn't - the campus looked as though it was drowning in a sea of paper. And of course we have our own booklet as well, which proved very popular when we gave them out yesterday.

Our new registration systems were put to the test today. Lots of people working hard together the make the experience as positive as we can do for students. A bit of a teething problem this morning, fixed by lunchtime, and all in all a very successful day. Well done to everyone who helped.

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