Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The future's a Mole....

Change is afoot for learning technologies across the university. After over a year of review, planning, consultation, collaboration, piloting, technical know-how and lots of hard work -  our new virtual learning environment, Blackboard Learn 9.1 (or MOLE 2 as we call it), is going live.  From the 12th of September a new link will appear in our portal, MUSE, to connect students and staff to MOLE 2. We've been working with Departments to come up with a timescale for migration which suits them and approximately half will be on the new system this month. The rest will follow in 2012 and will remain supported on MOLE during 2011-12.

A big thanks to all colleagues who've worked hard and brought so much experience and expertise to the project.

This isn't the only change which is happening  - not only are we launching our new VLE but the teams which supports it and other learning technologies - from back-end technical support to day-to-day guidance and development for staff and students - are coming together for the first time within this department. It's an exciting time and a great opportunity for collaboration and partnership for all of us. I'm personally really pleased with the way things are going, and the future's looking good!

There's lots more information about the way we're supporting learning and teaching and MOLE2 here.

And if you're interested in our acronyms:
MUSE - My University of Sheffield Environment
MOLE - My On-line Learning Environment
They trip off most people's tongues without us even thinking about what they stand for - suspect a lot of people don't know they stand for anything.

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