Monday, 18 July 2011

SSB, Exec and mobile coverage

Service Strategy Board today, and a catch up on all of our projects and Service Advisory Groups. As we approach the time of year where new stuff goes live, there's an understandable nervousness about whether stuff is going to be ready. One of the big projects is the Enquirer and Applicant Portal, which will handle much of the registration process this year. Lots of people working hard on it, and it will be a huge improvement on current processes. Big discussion on allocation of resources to projects, and where we can find more!

Exec meeting this morning where we had a look at the recommendations from our mobile survey, and the latest draft of the booklet explaining our services for new students. We also had a discussion about whether we should be looking at accreditation by the NCC - there's a number of case studies here, and the ones from JANET and Imperial College are particularly relevant. They obviously found it useful, and it's something we'll consider, but only if there are benefits.

Finally, I was interested to see this morning that the BBC is attempting to map mobile phone coverage in the UK using an Android app which collects information about 2G and 3G availability. It's the first time an independent map has been produced - it will be interesting to see the results. If my experience is anything to go by, there will be some big gaps!

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PaulL said...

I've been running the BBC's 3G coverage checker on my phone for more than a week. I live in the South, but travel across the UK.

It currently shows 55.2% for 3G
44.7% 2G.

Not good....