Friday, 27 May 2011

Need to get the T shirt...

After a great day at Chelsea (hundreds of pictures here if you've got time to kill), I was back down to London the following day for a meeting of the UCAS Admissions Process Review group. This was the second meeting, and is a steering group overseeing a fundamental review of how the admissions process works. Representatives from schools, colleges, Universities, the NUS and other interested bodies are involved, and this meeting was looking at the huge amount of research that has gone on already into how the current process works, how things happen in other countries, and what changes schools, prospective students and Universities would like to see made.  The next task is to analyse all of the findings in more detail and come up with a set of recommendations - which will be the most interesting part, and expected to happen over the summer.

Yesterday we had a bit of a brainstorm over the expected Higher Education White Paper and what it might contain, and how we might react to it.  More unknowns than knowns at the moment, although we can make some educated guesses. It's already very delayed over the original published date of March 2011, and the latest guess is that we're expecting it in the middle of June.

We had a Change Advisory Board this morning, and one of the interesting changes we talked about was the technical things we have to do to take part in IPv6 day. As a university we will be taking part, and ensuring that our main web site is running on IPv6 on June 8 2011 - like many other organisations including Google, Facebook and yahoo.  We're hopeful that everything will be fine, although some users may experience some slowing down of web access, depending on how their clients are set up. I jokingly suggested that we should wear T shirts advertising the occasion, and only later discovered that they do actually exist.

Later this morning we had one of our Strategic Liaison meetings with the Faculty of Arts. Lots of good discussion around learning and teaching and research support.

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