Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Modernisation and Business Cards

Today I'm off to Oxford for a discussion on how IT and IT departments can help Universities become more modern and efficient - it's going to feed in to the UniversitiesUK review of modernisation and efficiency. If anyone wants to contribute ideas, put them in the comments and I'll make sure they get considered.

Just before I set off to get the train I had a quick look at my twitter feed and came across this - augmented reality business cards - there's a few different videos. We had a demo of how AR was being used in teaching in our dental school and few weeks ago, and this is another use for it. A good advertising tool, or just the latest fad? Personally (and you know I'm going to say this), I think they're great and would make you really stand out. So, our marketing department - what do you think - can I have one as my next card?  And Print Service - could you design and make them? And could the technical people do the clever AR stuff to make them work?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the systems analysis skills in many IT departments could be used to help make processes simpler, too many these days are complex and done in exactly the same way they were 10 or more years ago. Then there's more pap less, self advice systems which we can develop. The main barrier though is lack of resource.