Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report has been published - available as hard copy for a selected few, and as a pdf from our web site. It's split into reports from our seven service areas, and also highlights where we've taken action on our four cross cutting themes:
  • reducing complexity
  • green IT
  • resilience
  • doing more with less
Hope you find it interesting, and as usual, always happy to receive any comments.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of "more with less" - this report by the nPBA has some interesting things to say about government IT;

George Credland said...

Under "Corporate Information", we reused and adapted the eRecruitment system to enable efficient online processing of Fixed-Term contract renewals (known internally as Form A and Form B). HR identified that the information collected to renew a contact is similar to that for a recruitment requisition and the staff involved in the process are often the same people. However the processes aren't part of the recruitment process.

Simon L said...

A suggestion I would make from a grassroots perspective is that I find it frustrating to request service improvements through the University hierarchy. It would be nice if technological 'quick wins' could be made easier. A recent example is when I asked about improving eduroam coverage in the Union (which is patchy in my office) and I was told to go through my head of department! I didn't want to bother him, so I brought my own hub in from home to expand our number of wired sockets.