Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Picnic in the Park

Today the University had a Picnic in the Park for all staff, and the local community. We're very lucky to have a lovely park - Weston Park - right next to the University, and today we made good use of it. The idea came from a Party in the Park we had to celebrate our centenary in 2005 which was a huge success. On that occasion there was a Tug of War competition and our team - CiCS ASS (what else!), won the trophy. This time it was held again ran, and CiCS ASS2 defended our trophy. We also had a team from the Information Commons in the competition - IC Animals. I'm pleased to say both teams reached the semi finals, but sad to say they got no further. But, a great performance from both teams - well done to all of you.

There were street entertainers, including the Danger Boys (who amused me by juggling fire on giant unicycles with the Head of our Safety Services watching them...) a real flea circus (with very well trained fleas), jazz bands, candy floss, donuts, coconut shy, and lots more. Altogether a great afternoon. Well done to the University for putting it on, and also for raising money for the local Children's Hospital and Leukemia research which is where all of the proceeds went to.

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Lex Rigby said...

I put a couple of videos of the Tug-of-War up on YouTube:

IC Animals: