Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Graduation Week

It's degree ceremony week again, and as usual I've done my fair share of sitting on the stage in my gown and unflattering mortar board clapping and smiling. Just three ceremonies this year as I've got a lot on this week, although I do try and make it more normally. The University puts on a good show - the Octagon Centre is done out in its best, and the concourse has food outlets, a champagne bar and a jazz band. The graduates look smarter than they ever have as students - although this year I'm amazed by how many of the men walk across the stage with the hands in their pockets. I must also be getting old, as I'm also slightly shocked at the length of some of the women's skirts - but looking back, they're probably about the same few inches long that mine was in the late 60s!

It's a great time of year when we can all see exactly why we're here and what our job is about - whatever our role is.

Congratulations to all of our new graduates.

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