Monday, 1 June 2009

Trip to Oxford in the sun

Went to the UCISA offices in Oxford today - a couple of hours on a train is a good way to get a lot of work done, the only problem is there's practically no network signal between Birmingham and Oxford. Neither my iPhone (O2) nor my USB modem (Vodaphone) would work. So, lots of writing and reading reports. We met representatives from Gartner to discuss how we could work together to get maximum benefits for both of our organisations. It was a very productive and positive meeting and I hope some good reciprocal agreements will come out of it.

It was an incredibly hot day, and Oxford was very beautiful in the sunshine, but the air conditioning on the train was turned up so high I was freezing on the way back. It was a relief to get off and back into the sunshine.

Spent the return train jurney re-reading the CLEX report (which I've written about before) in preparation for a meeting tomorrow morning of interested folks from the department where I'll be asking the question - What is the role of an IT/IS department in a Web 2.0 world and what should we be doing differently? Hopefully will be a lively and interesting discussion.

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