Friday, 26 June 2009

Learning Hub

Today, as a change from Business Continuity Planning, I went to the Project Executive Group of the Learning Hub. This is an exciting development and will see the remaining part of the Jessop Hospital, the Edwardian Wing, completely renovated and refurbished with a an extention to replace the most dilapidated part of the building. It will provide teaching space as well as some specialist facilities for students inclduing digital language labs and the MASH (Maths and Statistics help) service. A planning application has been submitted, and the contracting process has begun, with start on site expected to be December 2009 and completion sometime during the first half of 2011.

As in all new buildings we have to provide some form of public art, and in this case it could be quite exciting. There will be a sunken lawn with seating around it which can be used as a small performance space by the Department of Music. Built into the seating it's proposed to have a neon strip displaying the names of people who have been born in the Jessop Hospital.

We'll have to make sure we get some external wireless base stations out there as well!

I'm pleased to say that the building is being designed by the same excellent architects who did the Information Commons - RMJM, and we look forward to being heavily involved in the design and operation of it.

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