Monday, 1 December 2008


Phew - HR stuff almost finished - can get back to normal work now!

Good planning meeting this morning looking at both our process and plans. Some interesting discussions about system reviews coming up. Our current student system is an in-house developed one, and has been live for 12 years. It's served us very well, and is totally customised to our requirements, and totally integrated. It does everything from dealing with the CRM side of prospective student enquiries, through on-line registration, assessments, graduation, careers and alumni. But, it's time we had a review to see if a bought-in package would give us benefits. That will probably take place next year. We'll be reviewing a few other systems as well, including the VLE, and possibly parts of the portal. Don't like to get complacent!

This afternoon we had an executive meeting, where we talked a lot about how we allocate project managers to projects, items for our upcoming Annual Report, and the content of the presentation I'm making to our Executive Board tomorrow morning. I've had great fun writing it, especially putting the actual presentation together. I don't like "death by bullet point" powerpoints, so this will be mainly lots of pictures. My favourite is the wordle I'm finishing with!

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Graham Hill said...

great tool - like the link thank you