Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Try some new blogs.....

A new copy of our Newsletter is out - complete with its own front page wordle. A limited number of printed copies are produced, and then we make it available as a pdf on our web site. I'm a great believer in not printing if we don't need to, but our research has shown that people still like to flick though a printed copy of a publication such as a newsletter. It's the reason we still buy newspapers and books, despite many of them being available electronically.

One thing we keep trying to push to our users is to be aware of phishing, and there's an article warning them about giving away personal details such as user names and passwords. It was rather appropriate that it was published today as we were hit by a particularly sophisticated attack - over 4000 messages delivered supposedly from our Marketing Department, offering staff a pre-christmas, interest-free loan. As long as they divulged their bank details of course!

Sorry for short blog posts - like many people I've been struck down by a lurgy! Bad cold, cough and general fever symptoms. Spent most of today in bed, and the rest watching TV curled up in a duvet on the sofa. If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, visit some of the excellent blogs in my Blog List over on the right - they include Gartner Analysts, other IT Directors and the Executive Secretary of UCISA.

Normal blogging will resume when I've stopped coughing.....

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