Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Money, money, money

Had a chat this morning about changing the log-in page to our portal to include more information - links to our service status page and important announcements for example. Important to make sure that we don't put to much information there so that people don't actually need to log in! We also need to make sure that it fits in with the redesign of our departmental home page which is in progress, and some new targeted web pages for university staff currently under development.

Also had a look at the first draft of our revised booklet for new students. The emphasis this year is to keep it short and to the point, bearing in mind we suspect most new students have a quick read of it, and have lost it before the end of the first week. More information will be provided in the CD we give them as well, which up until now has contained useful utilities such as anti virus software, and a copy of OpenOffice.

Then spent the afternoon in a UCISA communications group meeting, where we discussed development of the web site - it seems that's what we've been discusing for ages, but in order to make progress we need to sort out lots of issues with the content management system we are using and how it is being maintained by a third party for us.

Managed to find time for a quick discussion about how the year end processing is going with our new finance system, which seems to be progressing remarkably well.

To round the day off I went to see Mamma Mia, and I'm still humming the songs!

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