Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The world famous Bushman

Trip to the garlic restaurant was an experience - especially if you don't like garlic! We tried the garlic ice cream, but weren't impressed - it tasted very metallic. I much preferred the vanilla with chocolate sauce! Had a couple of drinks afterwards in one of my favourite San Francisco bars - The Saloon - just across the road. It's a great place, a bit of a dive but that's part of its charm. Live music every night - last night we heard Johnny Nitro and the Doorslammers - amazing saxophinist in the band. Only problem was the amount of Jack Daniels you get in a glass - I had three and probably drank half a bottle.....

This morning we had time to cross the bay on a ferry before the conference starts properly this afternoon - nice views of Alcatraz in sunshine because at last it's stopped raining! It looks quiet a nice place in the sun, but you wouldn't want to stay there! On the way back I saw one of the San Francisco characters - the Bush Man. He hides behind some shrubbery, and jumps out and scares people! I've been coming here for 11 years, and I've seen him every time. Wouldn't be the same without him!

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