Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Favourite City.....

So. San Francisco. One of my favourite cities. But - it's raining, and cold, and windy. Like Sheffield! Arrived last night (or early yesterday afternoon depending on what clock you're on) in a storm. It was the Chinese New Year Parade, and the chinese dragons had plastic bags over their heads! I felt sorry for the dancers who carried on despite the rain and the wind blowing everything away. Lots of great fireworks - including firecrackers being thrown towards the crowd - wouldn't get that in the UK!

Today the weather was a little better, and the sun came out at the Martin Luther King memorial - a wonderful waterfall that you walk behind and there are quotes from him in several different languages etched onto the stone wall.

Had to get a cable car to the Bay (it's compulsory when here) and say hello to the Sea Lions who laze on wooden pallettes off the Pier. They make me laugh - huge, lazy, noisy creatures who climb over each other and push each other into the water.

Off to the Stinking Rose tonight - a garlic restaurant. Everything has garlic in it. Even the ice cream!

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