Friday, 26 June 2015


Well, I'm back, from two glorious weeks in Turks and Caicos. Didn't walk as much as I should have done, but it's really hard work when this is the view you have when you're walking.

Lots of steps to catch up on now! The CiCS team is currently third out of the University's 75 teams in the Global Corporate Challenge, so not bad, and we've walked as far as The Hamptons!

Past couple of days have been spent catching up on emails and what's been happening. Been to a meeting about how we might formally and informally open The Diamond, our new teaching building which is coming along well. I'm also spending a lot of time meeting all Heads of Departments, talking to them about how they interact with us, what their issues are, and how we can work together.

I also had a very productive and interesting meeting with some of our sabbatical officers and one of our students who's developing an app and social network to encourage students to cook together and for each other. It should reduce food waste, and help students meet each other. Called Foodhall, it looks really interesting.
You can see it on our Sheffield Crowd website here and watch a video explaining it.

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