Tuesday, 12 May 2015

New projects and Diamond approaching completion

Service Strategy Board yesterday - had a good discussion about the Bimodal IT presentation we had a couple of weeks ago, and how it might work. It addresses how to deal with core stable services whilst also being able to quickly create innovative solutions. So,what sort of projects could we apply this quick, innovative sort of development to? Also looked at how we might generate ideas, and decide whihc to take forward. I'm really interested in talking to students, getting them to come up with things - and then maybe taking them on to help develop them? It will help when we get our ideas platform up and running again, which hopefully will be in a few weeks.

We also approved a couple of new projects. One to help with managing personal tutoring, and to pont tutors in the direction of student support resources. possible a good candidate for a quick, innovative solution! The other was to enhance our website by providing a facility for users to build and deploy data collection forms in a secure manner. This is being done now in an ad hoc way with various approaches including using Google forms, and using tailored apps so we want to find a better, more secure way of doing it.

Also had our usual look at existing projects, and new things happening. One very exciting thing coming up is the completion of The Diamond - our brand new teaching and learning building. A lot of work for us to do between now and the end of September when it opens. We have the network - wired and wireless - to commission. All of the teaching spaces - including 9 lecture theatres will have state of the art AV in, which also needs commissioning. And on top of that, there are about 900 computers to be delivered, unpacked, connected and imaged.  Not forgetting staff to be appointed and trained, and services to be designed. The building is enormous - and stunning, both inside and outside. The wow factor will not be a problem!

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Graham Hill said...

Our youngest (Billy) is looking forward to being a fresher Engineering student in the Diamond Building from September. He loved Engineering at Sheffield so much that he only put two courses on his UCAS application - both of them at Sheffield. Just needs to get top grades now to be accepted. No plan B = lots of motivation. This facility will be the icing on the cake - although the people in the Engineering Faculty are already top notch.