Friday, 10 October 2014

Incidents are like buses.....

...they all come at once. Problem early Tuesday morning, then the major network incident on Tuesday - which we found out the primary cause of:

That's the reason we are so nervous of any building work around our campus!

Then today we woke up to discover we had no incoming or outgoing phone lines! Our supplier had suffered a major power outage which was affecting most of Sheffield. So, in early for another incident team meeting.  Not a lot we could do apart from get the message out, although we did make sure our control centre had a couple of working lines. All back on now, but apparently still at risk. Now where have I heard that recently?

In between incident teams, I have managed to get to some other meetings, including our Professional Service executive where we had a great presetnation from our Student sabbatical officers about their priorities for the year. Some really great ones including:
looking at the attainment gap for BME students (very appropriate for our diversity agenda)
looking at different methods of teaching and learning - reimagining education
creating more opportunities for students to take part in sport, especially as part of treatment for stress related illnesses
creating a sustainable campus. Building on initiatives such as Sheffield on a plate, the local fruit and veg market now held in the student union, and the student allotment society. They have ideas for more food growing areas around campus.

Of course we have our own new garden at the back of our offices which this year has yielded potatoes, runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, peas, herbs and hopefully some pumpkins. Next year we're aiming for much more, including strawberries.

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