Friday, 25 April 2014

Catching up

Oh dear - no posts for a while. Well, we did get a few days off over Easter, and this has been a particularly quiet week! Its been good to catch up on things - getting through my inbox and dealing with things that have been sitting there some time. reading reports and networking with colleagues.

I spent an hour last week sitting in on our Helpdesk, watching what happens when calls come through and how they monitor whats happening and deal with everything from minor problems to major incidents. Excellent processes in place, with 3 staff answering the phones and an incident coordinator sitting with them. All calls monitored and recorded, dashboard on a large screen telling them whats happening, how many calls waiting etc, and a warning sound (eerily from Close Encounters...) in all IT support offices when there are calls waiting so that  other staff can immediately log in from their desks. Not fogeting the "boing" when someone wants to live chat. Apparently when there are many calls waiting we get the Knights Who Say Ni!
Very interesting session, I learned a lot about what they do, and how we can help them make their service even better.

I also went to a team meeting for our Learning and Teaching section - again, really enjoyable. Great to get to talk to people, answer questions, and get some feedback on some of the things that are happening.

The other major thing I've been involved in recently is detailed planning for our new building which is going up - currently called the New Engineering Building as a working title, but watch this space ;-).  Although it will house a lot of engineering teaching space, there will be a significant amount of pool teaching space, and student led learning space, or "Information Commons type space". Some really exciting spaces in there, including a lot of creative media production space  for students.  The building is really coming on - you can see the webcam here.

And finally, I was videoed talking about customer service excellence, for a Customer Service Conference we're having next week for the whole department. All of the exec have been filmed, so it will be interesting to see what our video intern manages to make of it. Wonder how much useful footage he got!

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