Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mobile Scenario

Wouldn't be a Gartner conference without a mobile scenario from Nick Jones.

Opportunity is to find new ways to use mobile to innovate. New business processes, more satisfied employees, competitive advantage, improved efficiency. All can be done using mobile technologies. Success is about tactics. Pragmatic decisions. Being agile to take advantage quickly. Don't need long term strategies.

Smart phones dominate devices, and notebooks in the minority, PC shipments falling dramatically. Tablets rising. Will overtake PCs in next couple of years.

Two platform world, iOS and Android. Microsoft still not taken off, but may rise.

Interesting technology trends.

Flexible screens coming, screens wrapped round wrist?
Faster CPUs, more efficiency.
Better cameras, multi lens cameras
More sensors
NFC ac still slow, but payment with it still low
Pressure sensitive touch screens, face recognition.

In wifi area as well as new technologies, are a lot of new requirements. Greater capacity demands, full coverage, new applications. More uses of wifi. Will have to be redesigned in many organisations.

Intersection between smart phones, mobile apps and Internet of things. Smart phone becoming the user interface for controlling or looking at data.
Smart fork, monitors how fast you eat. App to monitor how much you use as an inhaler. Smart home sensors. Smart light bulb. Smart cat collars.
By 2020 could have 500 smart objects in a home, all talking to a smart phone.
Mobile, cloud, information all come together to add value.

Need to make sure mobile strategy and unified comms strategies are developed and implemented in tandem.

Mobile testing is hard because of diversity of devices, but can buy testing time on multiple devices from specialist companies.

Key technologies to support mobile strategy
Cloud tools and apps.
Secure document sharing
Containerisation. Future security strategies will favour containerisation over MDMA (mobile device management)

Customer facing mobility really exciting.
Only 3 reactions to an app. - Yes, no, wow
Need to look at putting wow factor in.
Look at:
Creating new interactions and experiences
Satisfying new needs in new ways
Providing services in new situations
Contextual services

Technologies to look at:
External cloud for stability
Metrics and instrumentation to know how app is performing
Location awareness powerful tool for context
Augmented reality.

Look beyond efficiency and effectiveness and look for transformational change. Invest in ideation. Many innovative uses of mobility are still undiscovered.

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