Friday, 20 July 2012

Quick round up

A quick round up of the last couple of days.

Most of Wednesday I was in a meeting of the design team for the New engineering Building, which will have a lot of student led, IC type space in it. Designed by the same team who did the IC, its getting to the exciting stage now. We've got some great ideas for the external appearance, and the internal layouts are being firmed up. More details soon, but here's a picture of what it might look like.

Yesterday I was in Oxford for a meeting of the organising Committee of the UCISA Management Conference. Agenda coming along nicely now, and some changes and innovations in format being introduced.

This morning I was in a three hour workshop on procurement - and it was interesting and informative! We were looking at where we wanted to be strategically in terms of procurement - lots of issues raised and debated.

Now I'm disappearing for a couple of weeks somewhere hot. See you when I get back. 

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