Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Aurasma demonstration

Yesterday was a bit of a special day  - my birthday! So, now I'm a year older, but not sure about wiser. The other special thing about yesterday was we had a demonstration of Aurasma - described on their web site as the world's first visual browser. Its a relative simple app that allows you to link content (eg a video) to a trigger image which could be a photo, an object or even a building. You can download the app (Aursama Lite) for iOS or Android, point it at the trigger image and see the multimedia content on your mobile phone or iPad.

These "auras" are so easy to create people were making them during the presentation! We're now looking at how we might use it. We've got ideas for marketing, for open days and in academic areas - hopefully the first academic project will be 3-D teeth.  I'd also like to use it to show students how to use things  - for example we have lots of videos, such as how to issue and return books in the Information Commons and libraries. You could easily link these to a trigger image of the actual machine. Of course, lots of issues to consider - questions were asked at the presentation about security, the size and availability of the app, and whether we can integrate it with our own mobile app, CampusM.  Lots to look at, and I'm confident we can develop something quite exciting.

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