Monday, 24 October 2011

Clouds and Frenetic Kinetics!

Good first day back, catching up on stuff, although not too much as i kept up with all emails and stuff last week.

This morning I had a meeting of the HEFCE Cloud Advisory Group which is overseeing the UMF Cloud and Shared Services Programme. Normally I make the trip to London, but couldn't do that today, and had no other reason to go there, so video-conferenced in using the JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVCS). It was excellent - I was very impressed - 4 different locations and video and sound  as clear as anything. Only problem was I was the only site not to have coffee on hand. Lots of new projects under this heading being discussed - some very exciting with real benefits for HEIs. Watch this space for them to be announced.

Spent a lot of the rest of the day on promotion work, as I'm a member of many of the panels. Obviously cant blog about that, so will leave you with this rather marvellous video:

I think it's rather good - I love the tongue depressors woven together so they explode upwards!

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Anonymous said...

They're called stick bombs apparently