Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In Dublin's fair city......

I'm in Dublin at the moment for the EUNIS annual conference  - the European Universities Information Systems organistions.   I've been asked to be a plenary speaker, and I'll be speaking tomorrow afternoon on Challenges are what make life interesting. Will be blogging some of the sessions from tomorrow morning, trying to get them up as fast as possible, so apologies as they'll be in note form. Was a bit surprised when I registered to be asked to sign a disclaimer from the University where the conference is being hosted giving them the right to record my presentation, and use it in various ways, such as on their iTunesU and YouTube Channels, and to reproduce, distribute, and publicly display it in any medium, in part or whole.  Lots of other legal stuff in it about releasing the HEI from claims in law that I might have out of the recording.  I signed it, reluctantly, because I was surprised by it.  Am I right to be a bit concerned about it? This isn't even the organisers, just the University hosting the conference.  Will ask around and see what others think, but would be interested in comments.

But, forgetting that,  should be a good conference. Lots of attendees, from many different countries, and Dublin is a cracking place.  I've had time to sample the Guinness already  - something I never drink in the UK - and am always amazed how different it seems to taste over here!

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George Credland said...

"This isn't even the organisers, just the University hosting the conference"

Sounds like they're angling to recoup some of the cost of the event. Just be sure to get in as many references to Sheffield as possible thereby either making it worthless to them (too awkward to edit) or giving us some free PR if they do choose to publish it. :-)