Monday, 4 October 2010

Communication, communication..

It's nice to see all of the students back on campus - as usual we give all of  our new students a booklet and a disc containing useful information, antivirus software etc. This year we've produced a booklet for new staff giving a summary of the services we provide, and where they can get further information from.  A nice addition I think to our portfolio of leaflets I think. This one will be given as hard copy to new staff, but all staff will be able to access it as a pdf from our web pages.

 Lots of discussion over the past few days about communication - the University has a new Internal Communications Officer and I had a very interesting meeting with her discussing how we can work together to improve comms to staff and students. Better web pages, more targeted announcements and messages, and more personalisation through our portal all things we looked at. Then today we've been looking at how we can best pull together all of our different strategies and other documents into one coherent story to help our customers, and indeed our own staff, better understand what we do.

And finally, approved 4 email newsletters to go out in the next couple of days - for staff, new students, returning students and research students.

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