Sunday, 29 August 2010

Another blog

About three years ago when I set this blog up, I was fairly certain I wanted it to be only work related, and that's the way it has mainly stayed. There's been a few posts about stuff I'm interested in, and some brief references to holidays, mainly to explain blogging breaks. But I did get criticised once for including posts about morris dancing in a work blog, which made me smile.

So, in order to have somewhere to post personal stuff I set up another blog, which has remained untouched ever since - until now! Due to some sudden rush of blood to the head, I started posting to it last week while I was in Whitby at Folk Week, (that's why I've not been posting here). Not sure how it will develop, at the moment it's very much a what I did on my holidays sort of blog, so will have to see what happens to it.

So, the audience for this one is probably me, but it's not private and anyone can dip in, if you like looking at other people's holiday pics and videos! So, if you want to know what Molly dancing is, or see a rapper team ambushing a late night extra, or see ceilidh dancing to Tamla Motown, take a look here.

Hopefully will be back to work blogging next week, but until then, here's another picture of morris dancing :-)

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