Monday, 29 March 2010

Collaboration and the Planning statement

Last week was mainly spent getting our planning statement together to feed into the University planning process. We have a template to complete listing our activities, achievements from last year, vision statement, objectives for next year. Also our plans for space, HR, environment impact, and service evaluation and value for money, and most importantly, how we might cope with a number of different financial scenarios.

We used our collaboration environment, uSpace, to write the document, preloading the template and allowing all of the section heads to contribute to the document and the discussion. Towards the end we only allowed people to comment, and the editing of the document was restricted to a couple of people. It worked well - we had lots of discussion, lots of contributions. The only problem was that at the end we had to cut and paste our lovely uSpace document into a boring old word doc to submit it. So, I'm starting a campaign to move us all into this century, stop emailing word docs around, and use the collaborative facilities we've implemented. Lots of take up of them across the rest of the University, especially for learning and teaching, but we need to get mainstream adoption in the professional services now, and what better way than to start at the top!

For those members of staff in the department, the final document can be seen here. Apologies to those of you reading this from outside, but I can't make it more widely available just yet.

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