Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mobile campus

In London at the moment for two events. First is the Apple Leadership Event, where yesterday I gave a joint presentation with oMbiel about campusM - our mobile application. The talk was so popular we had to deliver it three times, so it was pretty tiring! But it was very well received and we had lots of questions - especially about future developments of the application - could we use it to deliver learning materials from the VLE for example? Some of the international delegates were concerned about the cost of running the app for students because of very high data costs from ISPs and telecommunications providers. I was amazed at some of the charges being levied - I think Belgium was probably the dearest - and am grateful for the fact that we can make good use of networks for relatively little cost over here.

When I put the slides for the talk together on Monday we had 500 downloads - by the time I gave the talk yesterday afternoon we'd had 900! The extra publicity given to it by featuring on the University home page for the last few days had obviously had an effect. The split between iPhone and iPod touch users is about 70% iPhone, 30% iPod touch. Surprising number of iPod touches - and that sort of device never features in our surveys of what students have and yet they're obviously using them to access our services via wireless.

In the next few week we'll be releasing the app for use on other phones - I saw it working on a relatively cheap simple Nokia yesterday and it was surprisingly good.

Now I'm off to BETT2010, so will blog about that later.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

On that last point you made about it running on a cheap Nokia; I wonder what the cheapest phone with WiFi tariff as part of a contract is?

Once you have the version for other phones sorted you could market the cheapest phone deal that would work well with the product as a good advertisement.

Chris, Portsmouth.